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Three things I didn’t know I knew about the subjunctive

February 25, 2012


Health warning: you probably don’t want to read this unless you’re already advanced in French and have a fairly good grasp of what you thought were the rules of the subjunctive. When I first started teaching French, I often had to bite my lip when I turned over the page of a grammar book in […]

Readable French books?

September 21, 2011


Are you learning French? Ready for the challenge of reading a whole book? Stop! Don’t pick just any book. You may be feeling it now, but three pages into the latest translated Sophie Kinsella, your dictionary will be soaked with tears of frustration. (You do have a dictionary, don’t you?) And let’s take chick lit […]

Want to be more like Brad Pitt?

September 17, 2011


This, from “All our kids are speaking French, so now we have that second language infused into our home. Everyone is learning another language. I’ve got the Rosetta Stone for French sitting right on the table in the bedroom, and it’s going to be loaded into my brain. I know there are certain synapses […]