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How about this for a New Year’s resolution? Learn a Language!

December 31, 2014


Still wondering what to choose as your 2015 New Year’s Resolution? Let me humbly suggest – yes, you’ve guessed it – learning a language or brushing up on one you already know. Here’s why. 1. It’s tangible. “Be more organised” or “be on time” are (in my experience) not only doomed to failure, they are […]

Reasons to Learn a Language, #926: Indulge Your Other Obsessions

January 31, 2014


When I switched on my DVR today, I found that something new had recorded: Little Manhattan. I muttered something about how I already have that, you silly machine, but before I deleted it I hovered over it just long enough to notice that it had recorded in Spanish. So I kept it. This is a film […]

Reasons to learn a language, #419: emotional well-being

January 10, 2014


Watching the film Julie and Julia over the Christmas holidays, I was reminded of an important aspect of language tutoring, or at least of my language tutoring. In the film (recommended if you like France or food, a must if you love both), Julia Childs is frustrated that a French woman won’t let her take cooking lessons. At her […]

New year, new Spanish podcasts?

January 2, 2014


If your Spanish learning needs a new lease of life, a podcast might be just the thing. Podcasts are easy to fit into your existing routine – whether you listen to them while cleaning the house or walking to the bus stop – and are the perfect example of a SMART goal: specific, measurable, achievable, […]

Beginning French: a six-week online language course

March 28, 2012


I’m excited to announce the launch of the first Conquering Babel online course! Beginning French will last six weeks, and is designed to kick start your self-study. Each week, you will be sent a lesson consisting of grammar, vocabulary, and tips for learning, and links to resources. You’ll be set homework, which you will send […]

Language Learning: 10 Things You Should Stop Doing

January 26, 2012


Inspired by this post on 25 things writers should stop doing, and by the impending end of January, when many of you may be tempted to give up on the idea of that New Year’s Resolution, here are ten things that will help you get going with your language learning. 1. Stop procrastinating It’s the […]

Which language should I learn?

January 4, 2012


A cursory search on twitter reveals that deciding to learn a language is as popular a new year’s resolution as ever. Not everyone has a specific language in mind, though: “Should I start with German or French?” They ask the twitterverse. The answer, perhaps predictably, is that it depends. It depends, firstly,  on why you […]