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Reasons to learn a language, #419: emotional well-being

January 10, 2014


Watching the film Julie and Julia over the Christmas holidays, I was reminded of an important aspect of language tutoring, or at least of my language tutoring. In the film (recommended if you like France or food, a must if you love both), Julia Childs is frustrated that a French woman won’t let her take cooking lessons. At her […]

The key to effective learning: Olympic dedication

August 8, 2012


I was only half-watching, and I need new glasses with a stronger prescription, so I didn’t catch the athlete’s name. but I’ve just head an interesting insight from the BBC Olympics commentary. This guy’s coach had basically given him an ultimatum: are you going to take this seriously? And he’d decided that yes, yes he […]

Language learning: 12 reasons why you’ll succeed this year

January 3, 2012


Yes, you’ve said it before, that you’ll learn Spanish or brush up on your French. But 2012 is the year. This time, it’s really going to happen. Here’s why. 1. You’ll be realistic. For some people, it’s just about possible to start at nothing and end up fluent in the space of one year if […]

Motivation: the single most important factor for effective learning?

October 12, 2011


The more scientifically minded of you may be interested to read this article. Not being particularly of that bent myself, I can still recognise an incontrovertible graph when I see one, and would have to agree – not just because the science says so, but because my gut confirms it – that motivation may be the single […]

Hindrances to language learning: motivation

September 29, 2011


You’ll know your motivation is flagging if your textbook sits unopened; if you find yourself procrastinating rather than going to your desk; if the first five minutes of your weekly lesson consists of you explaining precisely why you haven’t done your homework this week. There are any number of reasons your motivation can weaken, particularly when […]