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If you only buy one resource for learning Spanish…

June 14, 2012


… make it this book. Contrary to what you may believe from the title, there’s actually nothing modern about it – it was first published in 1959. It was published, in fact, in the days before the “communicative approach” with its glossy pictures, survival phrases and grammar-by-osmosis. This book takes the hardcore approach: sit down […]

Conquering Babel: a review

March 8, 2012


Sometimes you send your book out for review, full of hope and expectation for glowing praise and vastly increased sales. Almost always you are disappointed. Not this time. Up on the Becoming Madame blog is a thorough, thoughtful review of language learning and how my little eBook can fit into the process. This is my favourite line. […]

Quality books for learning French

February 24, 2012


I’ve been asked a couple of times this week about good books for studying French. For all the great resources that are out there, I still don’t think that you can beat the CLE series. They aren’t glamorous or trendy, and their titles aren’t subtle: Grammaire Progressive Du Francais, Vocabulaire Progressive du Francais. There’s no attempt to […]

Expats: 7 ways to make the most of the language all around you

October 3, 2011


It’s easy, these days, to live with your feet in one country but your mind in another – to stay connected to your home country almost 24/7. I lived in Spain in 1999; email was in a special computer place over the road, via telnet (anyone remember telnet?), and ridiculously expensive. Half an hour a […]

Readable French books?

September 21, 2011


Are you learning French? Ready for the challenge of reading a whole book? Stop! Don’t pick just any book. You may be feeling it now, but three pages into the latest translated Sophie Kinsella, your dictionary will be soaked with tears of frustration. (You do have a dictionary, don’t you?) And let’s take chick lit […]