The Book

So, this time you’re really going to do it. You’re really going to learn a language.

But where do you even start?Conquering Babel - copyright owned by Claire Handscombe

“Conquering Babel” offers hints, tips and recommendations from an experienced language tutor and answers questions such as:

– how do I stay motivated?

– do I really need to learn grammar?

– how do I get the locals to speak to me in their language?

– why bother learning anyway when they all speak English?

– what are the best resources available for self-study?

– how can I find a good language tutor?

You can find it on, or, and now, and even though it’s a Kindle book, you can read it on virtually any device, including an iPhone or a PC. Not only that, but it’s a bargain, at just $2.99/£2.29/€3.44/€2.99.

It’s also now available as a paperback: click here for the UK and here for the US.

And, as a bonus, there’s a code inside for a 10% discount on French or Spanish lessons by Skype.

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