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This week in language learning news, 27th Jan to 2nd Feb

February 3, 2017


A museum of linguistics is coming to Washington, DC. Founder Friedman invites future visitors to “[i]dentify accents, tell us how you say soda and hoagie, learn tips from professional dialect coaches, and climb a Tower of Babel or tunnel through a prepositional playground.” The museum could potentially occupy the space once claimed by the now-defunct […]

This week in language learning news, 19th to 26th Jan 2017

January 26, 2017


On Android Central, a roundup of the best apps for learning a language. Digital Trends has its own take on this, too. Tandem is a messaging app thanks to which language learners can chat. An op-ed in the Pacific Daily news argues that it’s important to learn more than one language. NPR reports on the quest for […]

This week in language learning, 12th-19th Jan 2017

January 19, 2017


Language learning wisdom and stories from the founder of “How to Get Fluent”, Gareth Popkins, on this week’s Actual Fluency podcast. Babies remember their birth language even if they never speak it. English lecteur/lectrice posts are available in France for the 2017-2018 academic year. No better way to learn French than by living there! Ten […]

This week in language learning, 5th to 12th Jan 2017

January 12, 2017


Happy New Year, language learners! I’m introducing a new feature, where I round up news and views about language learning from around the world. From Lifehacker: Rosetta Stone or Duolingo? This language learning showdown is truly a battle of two generations and two ideals. In one corner we have a company that has been around […]

Reasons to Learn a Language, #1599: Doing Hard Things Feels Good

April 28, 2015


A while ago, I’m still not exactly sure why, I started ballet lessons. Those who know me best find this to be hilarious. I am not, to say the least, proportioned like your typical ballet dancer. I also have slightly inward knees, so even a basic first position is difficult for me to do with […]

How about this for a New Year’s resolution? Learn a Language!

December 31, 2014


Still wondering what to choose as your 2015 New Year’s Resolution? Let me humbly suggest – yes, you’ve guessed it – learning a language or brushing up on one you already know. Here’s why. 1. It’s tangible. “Be more organised” or “be on time” are (in my experience) not only doomed to failure, they are […]

Reasons to Learn a Language, #1402: It’s Attractive

February 14, 2014


In a recent BuzzFeed quiz (“which Disney character are you?”, if memory serves), the following question was asked: “Which random thing turns you on?” Not sure about random, though. I mean, take this as Exhibit A. Happy Valentine’s Day.   — for more hints and tips on language learning, buy Conquering Babel: A Practical Guide […]