The key to effective learning: Olympic dedication

Posted on 08/08/2012


I was only half-watching, and I need new glasses with a stronger prescription, so I didn’t catch the athlete’s name. but I’ve just head an interesting insight from the BBC Olympics commentary.

This guy’s coach had basically given him an ultimatum: are you going to take this seriously? And he’d decided that yes, yes he would. It had been a hard decision, one he really thought about, but once he’d made it, it was “like flicking a switch”. So what had it changed? Nothing, really. Outwardly. He did the same routines at training. But he put more of his heart into it. And he said in the interview, something along the lines of: “When you put more of yourself in it, you get so much more out.” And now he’s in the Olympics.

You don’t really need me to tell you where I’m going with this, do you?


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